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Hand sculpted, whimsical bird based on the Brown Pelican that we see a lot of in Florida.  As I worked on this sculpture I did a deep dive into the whimsical pipeline.  I used not only Cosclay resilient clay but I also used Cosclay liquid clay.   I added Cosclay glitter strategically on the shoes. I made a clay beanie cap with propeller made of frozen yogurt stick.  Scooter sports some jazzy shoes because the ground gets pretty hot here in Florida during the summer. Scooter rests comfortably on a reclaimed piece of wood that I painted with black acrylic. I use heavy gauge armature wires that connect from his legs into the wood.  I also use epoxy glue to permanently attach Scooter to his base.  

On hand and Ready to Ship!!! If this guy calls out to you, there's no wait. He's One of a Kind!

*Even though this Pelican is adorable, he's not meant for small children, this is not a toy.

** Also please be sure that this guy is kept out of the elements.

*** No additional charge for shipping if within the contiguous U.S.

5.25" W x 11" H x 8.5"D

Judy B Freeman

Land O Lakes, FL

Meet the Maker

Like a lot of artists and crafters, I've been making things from a young age.  My family moved around a lot because my dad was in the service, so I was the "new kid" more than just once.  I discovered that art and craft projects helped to keep me busy if we moved to a new town during the Summer months. During college I discovered 3-D art and got hooked first on sculpting and then on ceramic art.  I graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and, as many can relate, I got a regular job or 3 or 5 and my art projects were relegated to hobby status.  After a life of not making art my first priority, I was able to switch gears.  First I concentrated on being a ceramic artist and potter, creating functional ware as well as whimsical sculptural pieces.  Then as the 50 pound boxes of clay got heavier and heavier, I decided that I needed a plan to help save my back.  So I started doing research and started working with polymer clay.  I retired my potters wheel and traded 50 pound boxes of clay for 8 pound boxes of clay.  I made the total migration several years ago. Then in 2020 a new product in the polymer category was released, called Cosclay.  It's a hybrid plastic - rubber clay and like polymer bakes in the oven, but Cosclay is quite resilient.  Cosclay can stand up to the rigors of shipping across country and I've even dropped pieces without any breakage.  I continue my artistic journey and have had fun selling on other marketplaces like Etsy and wholesale to galleries and shops across the country through the IndieMe website.  Now the Goimagine website calls to my desire to help make a difference with my art.  To be part of a truly handmade marketplace and reconnect with humans across the country.  

I have a couple of "claims to fame".  In 2007 a filming crew came to my home studio and filmed a 7 minute segment for an HGTV show called That's Clever!  I demonstrated from start to finish how I made a ceramic cat bank. It took 2 years for the show to finally air and what an experience that was.  My next claim to fame was also when I was still working in ceramic clay. I loved to make fish teapots.  Three of my fish teapots were purchased by the Kamm Foundation Teapot Collection, the world's largest collection of teapots.  I've had pieces, both ceramic as well as polymer in a variety of group exhibitions and have been fortunate enough to meet a lot of really great people in the process. My motto: keep learning, keep making.

Thanks for visiting - any questions, please don't hesitate to send me a message.

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Inside the studio

How it’s Made

I first create an armature made of foil and wires.  Then I go to work conditioning the clay by slicing, running it through an electric food chopper, then ball it and run it through a special machine called a Mammoth Clay Machine.  I slab the clay, over and over again to get all of the air bubbles out and condition it so that it is perfect for sculpting.  Then I cut sheets of clay and form them over the foil armature.  I hand form the head and attach it and work on the legs by taking slabs and wrapping them around thick and sturdy heavy gauge armature wire that extends beyond the legs and shoes.  The feathers are formed by using a push mold and each one is added by hand.  I hand pinch the shoes into shape and roll thin coils for the shoelaces.  I use liquid glitter clay for the sparkles.  The sculpture gets baked in the oven for multiple sessions for over an hour each.  This cures the clay and takes it from a malleable clay form to a solid resilient state.  Once the sculpture has cooled completely I go to work painting with acrylics.  After the painting is finished and completely dried, I add 2-3 coats of a clear satin varnish to give Scooter a wonderful finish.  Scooter is mounted and epoxy glued onto his reclaimed wood base.  His beanie was also hand formed.

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*At this time I only ship within the United States

**All images are the property of Judith B. Freeman, LLC and may not be copied without written permission.

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